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The distinction between a piezoelectric buzzer and an electromagnetic buzzer
Friday 04th August 2017

Piezoelectric buzzer by pulse current on the piezoelectric ceramic to the vibration of the vocal sound, usually small, often in the side with an acoustic cavity; piezoelectric buzzer is mainly composed of multi harmonic oscillator, piezoelectric buzzer, impedance matching device and resonance box, shell etc.. Some piezoelectric buzzer on the shell is also provided with a luminescent diode from electromagnetic is through the moving part of the coil in the magnetic field of permanent magnet to form electric drive coil and stick together sound vibration sound, sound quality is good.


An electromagnetic buzzer consists of an oscillator, an electromagnetic coil, a magnet, a vibrating diaphragm, and a housing. After the power supply is switched on, the audio signal current generated by the oscillator passes through the electromagnetic coil to cause the electromagnetic coil to generate a magnetic field, and the vibrating diaphragm vibrates periodically under the interaction of the electromagnetic coil and the magnet.


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