SMD magnetic buzzer features in small volume, light weight, convenient installation,especially in low voltage but high sound.And for magnetic buzzer, low ferquency is available. It's widely used in small electronic equipment, such as MP4,bluetooth,reverse sensor, medical instruments, toys camerasand auido DVD,water dispenser and so on.The volume of magnetic buzzer can reach to 5million pcs.Any special requirements, we can do custom product for our customers. Any need, please contact with Ms Zhou, the tel is +86-519-86321175.

Model Product Name Rated Voltage
Operating Voltage
Current Consumption
Resonant Frequency
Operating Temperature
Carton Size
Gross Weight
DC Electr-magnetic SMD Buzzer LEB9650BS


5 4~6.5 ≤30 ≥83@10cm 2700±300 -40~+85 0.8 42*35.5*36.5 7000 13.5
LEB1370BS Changzhou Factory Supply Direct Circuit SMD Buzzer


5 3~6.5 ≤30 ≥85@10cm 2400±300 -40~+85 2.2 42*35.5*36.5 4500 15
Low Frequency Direct Circuit SMD Buzzer With Loud Sound LEB1310BS


5 3~6.5 ≤30 ≥85@10cm 2400±300 -40~+85 3 42*35.5*36.5 3000 15