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The properties of piezoelectric buzzer
Friday 07th July 2017

Piezoelectric buzzer

Driving method:

One is DC drive, the corresponding buzzer is the active buzzer.

The other is AC drive,the corresponding buzzer is the passive buzzer.

Piezo DC buzzer(active buzzer)         Piezo AC buzzer(passive buzzer)

The properties of piezoelectric buzzer    The properties of piezoelectric buzzer

Piezoelectric buzzer

Voltage of piezoelectric buzzer :

The drive voltage directly affect the buzzer’SPL, the same buzzer, the higher the driving voltage, the higher DB. The driving voltage shall not exceed the limit voltage that the buzzer receives.The Max is 30 V.

Frequency of piezoelectric buzzer:

The piezo element and the buzzer’cavity affect the frequency of piezoelectric buzzer.In theory, any frequency can be achieved, but in order to facilitate users to standardize products, the more common frequencies are 2KHZ and 4KHZ, the two types of frequency is the current mainstream.

Size of piezoelectric buzzer:

The cavity is divided into a front cavity and a rear cavity, and the front cavity is the main factor affecting the product frequency,The front cavity is the space between the buzzer and the pronouncing hole, and the larger the space, the lower the frequency.Generally more intuitive response is that the larger the volume of the buzzer, the lower the frequency, the smaller the volume of buzzer, the higher the frequency.

Pin distance of Piezoelectric buzzer:

A pin distance, directly affect the buzzer on the PCB board assembly, the buzzer pitch does not match the PCB pitch, the assembly does not go, can not be used, industry common pitch: 5.0mm, 7.6mm, 10mm, 15mm, PCB design, need to design such common pin distance.

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