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Cre-sound teach you how to drive buzzer
Friday 14th July 2017

Buzzer is divided into piezoelectric and electromagnetic type of two categories, The piezoelectric buzzer is based on the piezoelectric effect, the vibration of the metal plate to drive the buzzer sound, is the use of electromagnetic principle, power metal diaphragm suction, no electricity in elastic diaphragm

The piezoelectric buzzer is based on square wave drive, electromagnetic driven 1/2 square wave

If the self-excited Self-drive (DC/ contains the line circuit-bulitin)


Whether it is electromagnetic or piezoelectric, the rated current and voltage can be given, and the buzzer of the outside External, Because of the different working principle) electromagnetic buzzer (MagneticBuzzer) should be given 1/2 square wave (squarewave), and when activated, to ensure that at least three times the rated current consumption current

Piezoelectric buzzer (PiezoBuzzer) is given to Fang Bo, if 1/2 square wave, most likely will not move, because there is only half action.

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