Piezo Buzzer With Feedback
  • Car Alarm Buzzer LPB2322DS
  • Car Alarm Buzzer LPB2322DS
Model LPB2322DS-HS-06-3.6-R
Rated Voltage 6VDC
Operating Voltage 3~12VDC
Current Consumption ≤12mA
Test distance 10cm
SPL ≥100dB @10cm
Resonant Frequency 3600±500Hz
Tone Continuous sound
Operating Temperature -40~ +85℃
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +90℃
Weight 5.5 g
Carton size 60×36×36 cm
Quantity 900 pcs
Gross Weight 12.83Kg
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Car Alarm Buzzer LPB2322DS

Piezo buzzer LPB2322AS,high sound,waterproof and RoHS.Used in car alarm, reversing radar and so on.Monthly supply of 50 thousand0,000, received orders for 7 days delivery.Applicable voltage range3-16.

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